What Makes Maui Coffee So Special?

Having a cup of Maui Coffee is like being transported into a heavenly world full of rich flavors. Our coffee beans are grown in Maui, Hawaii and if you did not already know, Hawaii is the only state that grows it! Check out what makes Maui coffee special, unique, and flavorful.

Heavenly Harvests

The secret to the rich flavors that come from Maui coffee is all in the way it is grown and harvested. Our harvests are nutrient-rich thanks to the volcanic soil that is found in Hawaii. Volcanic soil has an added number of minerals which helps our beans grow.

We take extra care to ensure our harvests are grown at higher elevations, which impacts the flavor more than you might think! When the beans are grown at a high elevation, it creates a more flavorful and unique cup of joe. Our beans have a rich and sweet flavor that is pleasant for any avid drinker.

Perfect Taste

Maui coffee beans are a fan favorite! Out of all the different types of beans grown in Hawaii, Maui coffee has been voted the best tasting. It has even been called the champagne of coffee! That is no joke.

When it comes to a cup of joe, we strive to bring you the perfect taste. Whether you are a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur or just enjoy a cup of java every once in a while, you will love the flavor of Maui coffee. It is sweet, rich, and luxurious without being overpowering.

A Method to Our Madness

We know that there are a number of different ways that people enjoy preparing their cup of joe. Some prefer French press, cold brew, or a traditional drip. Part of what makes Maui coffee special is that it is fantastic in all forms. We have set out to create the perfect cup of joe for everyone.

Our personal favorite method is the French press. French press adds a smoothed roundness to Maui coffee and allows for the full sweetness embedded in the bean to shine through. A medium or dark roast French press cup of coffee is just what the doctor ordered for our mornings!

Fill Up Without Emptying Your Wallet

We know we have struck gold with Maui coffee, and that is why we want to share it with the world. In order to make sure that our beans are able to bless the taste buds of as many lovers as possible, we offer our products at affordable prices!

You would be surprised just how much money you are able to save when you skip the Starbucks line and get your caffeine fix at home. A bag of our beans may seem expensive when you pay for it all upfront, but it will last you quite a while. And you cannot buy the unique flavors of a Maui coffee at any standard shop.

Grown with Love and Care

Not only are our beans special, but so are the people who nurture and harvest them. You can feel good about drinking Maui coffee knowing that the farmers who grew these harvests did so with love, care, and environmentally friendly practices. We want to keep providing the world with coffee and understand that this can only be done if we take care of the Earth that helps us grow it.

All our farmers also receive fair compensation for their harvesting work. We take special care to ensure that our farmers are taken care of and that their working conditions are not unreasonable. Our beans take a lot of patience and nurturing to harvest, and we want to make sure that as much care and love is put into our harvests as possible.

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