We know there are a bunch of questions that would be much easier to find the answers to here than having to call us.  Feel free to see if you question is answered below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my coffee be shipped?
We ship out orders on Mondays and Thursdays
Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do. International rates will apply
Do you offer different roasts?
We only offer one roast for our 100% Maui coffee. After trying many different roast profiles we believe we bring the best out of our coffee with our signature roast.
What is single origin?
Single origin is coffee that is grown and comes from the same farm and location.
How much coffee do you roast at a time?
We keep our 100% Maui coffee to small batch sizes between 5 and 20 pounds per roast. We do this to ensure a perfect roast every time.
How long does roasted coffee stay fresh?
Once coffee has been roasted the maximum freshness of the beans is in a seven to twenty day window if stored properly.
How should I store my Makawao coffee?
Your coffee should be stored at room temperature in an air tight container. Preferably as whole bean and ground just prior to brewing.
Is your coffee organic?
We practice full organic standards, but we are not labeled "certified organic" by the usda.
Buying a bag of coffee seems expensive. Isn't just cheaper for me to buy a cup of coffee every morning?
It is far more economical to buy a bag of coffee and brew at home. Average cost of a 20 oz. cup of coffee is $2.45. One cup a day is $73.50 a month before tax. And who only drinks one cup of coffee a day?
Do you offer flavored coffee?
No we don't. We do not add any flavoring to our coffee.
What is your return policy?
We can't imagine you would find a reason to return your coffee. However if that does happen by chance, we require that at least 75% of the original coffee is returned in whole bean form as it was shipped to you. We will then determine the reason for return and proceed from there. Our coffee is always roasted by orders received and then packaged, sealed and shipped. We only sell fresh roasted coffee.