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This is really good coffee. I’ve gone from using cream and sugar to drinking coffee black, and a lot of coffee just doesn’t cut it without sweetener. Makawao Coffee Company, 100% Maui Coffee tastes really good, and is not at all bitter. I can nurse a cup for a couple of hours and it’s great from the first taste to the last sip.

Peter Mealy
Fredericksburg, Va
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I have purchased a number of Hawaiian coffee’s over the years and I want to say that Makawao coffee is at the top of the list.I really enjoy the flavor, aromas and finish of the Makawao coffee beans.It is so fresh and vibrant…….great way to get the day started that is for sure!

Cheryl Mosvick
St. Paul, Minnesota
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Your coffee is exceptional.Maybe it’s’ the volcanic soil, possibly the sea breeze or Maui weather……I am not sure, but the unbelievable aroma of this Makawao coffee brew gets my teenage kids out of bed for school!

Keep up the good work and keep the coffee roasting.

Arthur Crivella
Pittsburgh, PA

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