5 Largest Producers Of Coffee in the World

Like just about every product we’ve grown to adore, coffee is not native to our country. Although we have a huge prevalence of coffee and coffee shop culture, how it got here is a whole other story. The best beans are found in some beautiful corners of the globe. The U.S doesn’t nearly produce as much coffee as other countries which specialize in it. Some of the largest producers are not that far away, though.  

If you’re curious to know where some of the largest producers of coffee in the world are, then see our list.

1. Brazil

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world. Having produced a record high of 2,598,000 metric tonnes of coffee last year. Brazil’s economy thrives off the good stuff. Since around 1840 Brazil has been one of, if not the first, biggest coffee producers and over 150 years later it’s still going strong.

Most of the coffee plantations are based in the South East of the country where the climate is just right for it. Think Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais and Parana.

2. Vietnam

Next on the list is this luscious eastern country. They produce around 2 million tonnes per year, and it has long been a staple part of Vietnam and Vietnamese homes. Making up for around 96% of the coffee production here is the well-known Robusta coffee.

Robusta is known for its strength and has a slightly more bitter taste. Large companies feature this variety, as well as it being popular in instant coffee and as a filler in ground coffee beans.

3. Colombia

Despite Colombia being third on the list, it’s probably one of the places you associate most with coffee. Colombia is the second highest producer of Arabica beans (after Brazil, of course) a variety that we also see around a lot.

The change in climate in the past decade or so have impacted Colombia’s coffee production. The required temperature for perfect beans is being jeopardized, due to hotter Colombian temperatures. Last year this South American country produced around 864,000 metric tons of coffee.

4. Indonesia

Located near the equator, and surrounded by mountainous regions, Indonesia makes a great location for producing coffee. Indonesia is the third largest country for producing the previously mentioned Robusta beans.

However, this country goes for a more ‘quality over quantity’ approach with their coffee beans. Especially so as their climate is more equipped to produce a less high quality variety of bean. This does not have an effect on demand as several of types of their coffees are highly sought after by traders. On average, per year, Indonesia produces around 559,000 tons of the stuff.

5. Ethiopia

Coffee production in Ethiopia has actually been traced back to tens of centuries ago. This is where the popular Arabica coffee plants geographical home is. This country, located in north east Africa, has a very coffee rich culture. Shepherds and farmers thousands of years ago were fascinated with the effect it had on their flock after the animals ate the plants. Coffee production is also massively beneficial for Ethiopia’s economy, with it covering 28 percent of their yearly export and 15 million citizens employed in the industry.

Despite us crowning Ethiopia fifth on the list – producing approximately 400,000 tons per year – it still seems a bit divided on who takes fifth spot, for some.

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